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"The best way
to predict the
future is to
invent it."

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About Me

Hi. My name is Martyn Wilson. I am a Life Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Conciousness Teacher, specialising mainly in stress management, performance management and weight loss. I am also an author with titles such as 'How To Have It All', 'Playing The Game Of Life' and 'Health, Wealth & Hapiness' to my name. For many years I have studied human behaviour to discover how to get through life as comfortably and as stress free as possible. I believe that the only way to truly understand how to help others is to have experienced similar challenges yourself. Having been at the lowest ebb of poverty and distress, in serious debt and grossly overweight & morbidly obese, I believe that I am now qualified to help others.


If You Think You
Are Screwed Up,
Take A Look At Me
And Think Again!


I Must Have
Been Drunk!!!

I have been through divorce from which I gained custody of my three children. Any single parent with young children will tell you how difficult it can be to bring up young children on your own, especially with no money.

I have been in debt to the tune of £48,000 (not including a mortgage). Credit cards, loans and store cards that were used to buy food and clothing.

I weighed over 19 stone (266 lbs) at my heaviest and was in serious danger of not seeing my next Birthday. If you have a weight problem you will know how depressing it can be. Depression leads to comfort eating and so the vicious circle continues.

The good news is that I lost over 7 stones (84 lbs) in weight in just over 6 months. I now live debt, stress and obese free.

If you want to know how you can do the same then please get in contact.

I am here to help you!


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